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Case Study: Boku

Boku Superfood is an international superfood company producing some of the world's best vegan protein and superfood blended powders. Creative Consulting continues to expand their brand: marketing the launch of Cafe Boku, EV Charging stations, Super Shake, Livestream on TSC (The Shopping Channel) and more.


Cafe Boku Video

With the launch of their first location in Ojai, CA, Cafe Boku boasts an impressive vegan menu, EV charging stations, and a healthy lifestyle. This short video captures their new slogan: Charge Your Car, Charge Your Body.


Super Shake Commercial

Boku Superfood recently launched the Super Shake meal replacement. A premium, vegan, all in one meal. We were tasked with creating the Super Shake Commercial. 


Livestream on TSC

Boku Superfood is a regular guest on The Shopping Channel in Canada. Each one hour segment is streamed live via Skype by Creative Consulting out of Boku's headquarters in Ojai, CA. 




Cafe Boku needed updated menu item photos. Creative Consulting structured a 2 day photoshoot to capture some of their most delicious offerings.  

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